Saturday, October 29, 2011

stories of Major Tjong Yong Hian

Tjong A Fie & Tjong Yong Hian
 before and after (Mr. Budihardjo Chandra and Mrs. Linda Setiawan)
 the big family of Mr.Budihardjo Chandra
  she is just so beautiful :)
Me and the team from perniagaan :)

The photos above are just the appetizers.. and here photos below are the desserts..

this is one of the team from perniagaan and he kept on eating!
and they completed the ceremonial..


  1. Hi, Can I know is there anything special about the bicycle to Tjong Yong Hian? I am a descendant of his from Malaysia/Singapore

  2. Hi KL I too am a 4 th generation descendant and would love to get in contact.
    Would you happen to have a copy of the family tree?


    Steve @